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EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailTeam AdminMichael Jessop25-Sep-2019
Send EmailSenior Program DirectorErica Pfaff15-Oct-2019
Send EmailAssistant CoachWren Jessop22-Oct-2018
Send EmailHead CoachChristopher Salomone30-Sep-2019
Send EmailAssistant CoachRachel Hatem11-Sep-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailAssistant Swim CoachCody Fink08-Oct-2019
Send EmailAquatic Youth and Family DirectoVanessa Rex30-Nov-2017
Send EmailAssistant Swim CoachJacob Jones11-Oct-2019
Send EmailAssistant Swim CoachJohn Buttillo11-Feb-2018

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailTeam AdministratorAaron McHenry17-Oct-2019
Send Emailhead coachchuck lacroix22-Sep-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailEdward Machado12-Oct-2018
Send EmailTeam RepRachel Clark10-Mar-2019
Send EmailAdvanced Aquatic DirectorJayna Miller22-Sep-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerShawn Snavely12-Sep-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerTodd Krock16-Oct-2019
Send EmailHead CoachRaynelle Shirk17-Oct-2019
Send EmailCoachRobert Unruh07-Oct-2019
Send EmailHead Swim Team CoachRaynelle Shirk13-Nov-2018

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailDirector of Competitive Aquatics Boys Team ContactDerek Farrar16-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerMichael Phillips05-May-2019
Send EmailSwim Team Coordinator / Head Age Group CoachMichael Jumps15-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead Swim CoachSeth Dippold18-Oct-2019
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EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailCompetitive Director of AquaticsTim Ryan14-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailAssistant coachAmanda Tranguch11-Mar-2019
Send EmailHead Swim CoachSarah Machey16-Oct-2019
Send EmailCoachMegan Miller08-Feb-2019
Send EmailMeet ManagerRobert Machey16-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam rep, PresidentThomas Pollock18-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailSwim Team CoordinatorDiana Dempsey15-Oct-2019
Send EmailAssistant Swim CoachMadison Lalli24-Oct-2018

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead CoachMaryAlice Miller06-Sep-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerKaren Caron22-Oct-2018
Send EmailTeam ScorerMelissa Jones05-Aug-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead Swim CoachKelly Burk08-Sep-2018
Send EmailKAY Head of OfficialsKen Burk19-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailMarlins CoachJim Leitz16-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerCindy Campbell24-Sep-2019
Send EmailHead CoachMike Purcell15-Oct-2019
Send EmailCynthia Campbell18-Sep-2019
Send EmailKatie Marucci16-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailAssistant CoachBen Yahr30-Mar-2019
Send EmailAquatic Director/CoachOwen Edwards19-Jun-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerDana Foust03-Sep-2018
Send EmailTeam ScorerMackenzie Hendrickson09-Oct-2017
Send EmailTeam ScorerBill Steuer Jr11-Sep-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead Swimming CoachDennis Drake10-Oct-2019
Send EmailAssistant CoachCarlton Taylor30-Sep-2019
Send EmailAquatics DirectorAmy LeFever05-Aug-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead CoachBob Rawa19-Oct-2019
Send EmailCoachPat Pellegrino14-Mar-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerJulia Rawa19-Oct-2019
Send EmailCoachChad Wauls09-Oct-2019
Send EmailAssistant Swim CoachConnor Unger15-Jan-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailPennDel PresidentElliot Berton10-Oct-2019
Send EmailPennDel TreasurerPatrick M. Ryan26-Sep-2019
Send EmailPennDel Member at LargeHoward Halpern24-Sep-2019
Send EmailPennDel Officals ChairFred Polaski18-Oct-2019
Send EmailPennDel Vice President-RulesBert Hewitt08-Apr-2019
Send EmailPennDel Member-At-LargeRick Carson18-Oct-2019
Send EmailPennDel Member at LargeSonia Wolbert17-Nov-2018
Send EmailPennDel CHMSC ChairMark Fisher26-Sep-2019
Send EmailPennDel Boys CommissionerJenn Woods16-Oct-2019
Send EmailPennDel Championship ChairCarl Sandoe07-Oct-2019
Send EmailPennDel Scheduler, Coaches RepErik Nelson14-Oct-2019
Send EmailPennDel Member at LargeKelly Burk05-Dec-2018
Send EmailPennDel WebMasterTom Warrick12-Aug-2018
Send EmailPennDel Girls' CommissionerKen Burk14-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailAO & MM OperatorPhuong Tran03-Sep-2019
Send EmailAssistant CoachTracy Arnold-Merke02-Mar-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerJack Florio15-Oct-2019
Send EmailMeet Manager Operator and AOBruce Cooper17-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerRachel Carroll14-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerJim Niness23-Sep-2018
Send EmailAssistant CoachCarrie Berg23-Sep-2019
Send EmailHead Swim CoachAnthony Addlesberger27-Mar-2019
Send EmailPAY team repJoanne Frey15-Oct-2019
Send EmailSara SadowskiSara Sadowski15-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailSwim Team DirectorMike Wolbert16-Oct-2019
Send EmailAssistant CoachKevin Donovan18-Oct-2019
Send EmailCoachSonia Wolbert10-Nov-2017
Send EmailTeam ScorerKay Fenn08-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerTom Sheets09-Oct-2019
Send EmailKay Fenn21-Sep-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailAquatics DirectorBecky Musselman20-Sep-2019
Send EmailHead Coach- Boys and GirlsSarah Siegel07-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerAngie Lewis28-Jan-2018
Send EmailTeam ScorerJason Hannah07-Sep-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead CoachKim Evans15-Oct-2019
Send EmailTreasurerRonald Strieb15-Oct-2019
Send EmailRY PAC PresidentKelly Wasielevski16-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailAssn. Competitive Aquatic DirectorErik Nelson14-Oct-2019
Send EmailAdmin OfficialJenny Dresden03-Nov-2017
Send EmailCourtney Waters02-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead CoachClark Bickling17-Oct-2019
Send EmailLead CoachSean Cavanagh18-Sep-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailAquatics DirectorShelby Hostetter06-Feb-2019
Send EmailHead CoachLinda Jones19-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam Rep/ Team ScorerRobert Lesher10-Jul-2019
Send EmailMeet managerTara Mentzer02-Oct-2019
Send EmailGreg Mentzer16-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead Swim CoachLouis Petto19-Sep-2019
Send EmailJefferson Girls Head CoachPhil Munger15-Nov-2018
Send EmailParent Rep & Volunteer CoordinatorSteven McLaughlin19-Oct-2019
Send EmailWashington Boys Head CoachAndrew Seaton24-Apr-2019
Send EmailTeam ScorerMegan Fox17-Oct-2019
Send EmailWashington Girls Head CoachJames Krull24-Apr-2019
Send EmailJefferson Boys Head CoachGalen Gennaria10-Feb-2019
Send EmailMeet Director East DistrictsERIC BURNS14-Oct-2019
Send EmailTreasurerDarcey Doyle18-Oct-2019
Send EmailUMLY Swim Officials CoordinatorMeg Sargent19-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailTeam ScorerMiriam Khatib19-Oct-2019
Send EmailMin Derry13-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailHead CoachRyan Schultz04-Feb-2019
Send EmailCoachterry plank19-Dec-2017
Send EmailTeam RepDaryl Warriner03-Oct-2019
Send EmailScorer/ Meet ManagerShelley Suchyj14-Oct-2018
Send EmailCompetitive Aquatic DirectorTom Janton01-Oct-2019
Send EmailDominic Wayne07-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailTeam RepKaty Betnar18-Oct-2019
Send EmailHead Swim CoachSuzanne Youngblood22-Aug-2018
Send EmailHead Swim CoachSuzanne Youngblood22-Oct-2018
Send EmailAquatics DirectorAndrea Butchko01-Oct-2019

EmailTitleNameLast Visit
Send EmailTeam Repheidi palau14-Oct-2019
Send EmailTeam Scorer, AOHeather Withers16-Oct-2019
Send EmailHead CoachJenny Depadua09-Sep-2019
Send EmailAdvanced Aquatic DirectorAllison Holland12-Sep-2019

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