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 PennDel Swimming : Rules
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Posted: August-09-2016 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
Title: WebMaster
Group: Admin Group
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Revised July 10, 2016

All rules are subject to fines and/or disciplinary action for infractions of all or any part thereof.



New associations desiring to enter into the PENN-DEL SWIMMING LEAGUE should make written application to the President by September 1. The application should include the number of teams, type and location(s) of the pool, times available for dual meets, expected number of swimmers, and expected number of certified officials. A check in the amount of the League dues for each team, which will be applied towards the first year's League dues, must accompany the application. It will be the policy of the League to act promptly on all applications, providing the applying Association(s) meets the aforementioned requirements.


The League dues for each Association per team shall be in accordance with the budget adopted by the members in the Spring Meeting and covers the operating cost of the League. These dues are due and payable to the PENN-DEL LEAGUE and must be received by the League Treasurer no later than the Fall League meeting (as indicated on the League Calendar). Associations that fail to pay on or prior to the Fall League meeting will be assessed a fine of $10.00 per team. Associations who have not paid their dues (plus fine) by the first scheduled dual meet of the season will not be allowed to compete in dual meets until the dues are paid. Should the league have insufficient funds for the proper operation of the League, the President or a majority of the board may convene a special meeting of the members to propose an amended budget or supplemental dues or fees.


A Championship fee in the amount fixed by the League budget shall be payable to the League and delivered to the Treasurer on or prior to the Fall League meeting. A team will be assessed a $10.00 fine monthly, or a portion thereof, after this date until paid.

1.4 - Not Used

1.5 - RULES

The League will be governed by these League Rules.  The current edition of the USA Swimming Technical Rules will be applied to situations not covered directly by these League Rules. The Host Team must have a copy of these League Rules and the current USA Swimming Technical Rules at the scores' table for reference during all League Dual and Championship Meets


A. Each Association should appoint a League Representative (preferably someone other than a Coach) who will be active and must attend the Spring and Fall League Meetings. The League Representative is responsible for keeping the lines of communication between the League and Association to the League. All League correspondence, including correspondence from the Board of Directors and from other member Associations, will be sent to the League Representative at his/her home address or e-mail address. League Representatives wishing to have their mail sent to the "Y" may so indicate in the League Directory; however, it will be the responsibility of the League Representative to insure that all information is forwarded to the appropriate person and is properly acted upon.

B. A Coach and/or League Representative from each Association must attend the Fall and Spring League Meetings.

C. Each Association is required to supply to the Webmaster by the date indicated on the League Calendar, complete League directory information including the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of the Association, the Aquatic or Physical Director, the League Representative, and telephone numbers for Head Coaches (by the date indicated on the League Calendar). The home telephone number of the League Representative and Head Coaches must be included so that the Representative can be contacted in case of inclement weather or other similar circumstances.

D. Each Association is required to submit to the Web Master current detailed directions to the place of competition. The directions must be sufficiently detailed to direct a person unfamiliar with the area to the place of competition.


All teams in the League should roster at least 25 participants. Any Association wishing to roster fewer swimmers must request a waiver from the appropriate Boys� or Girls� Commissioner.


Official League Forms and templates will be provided to all teams on the Penn Del League website. Each team must download these forms and templates from the website and make sufficient quantities. Use of these OFFICIAL FORMS is required in order to provide uniformity throughout the League. All Teams shall use Hytek Meet Manager to run the meets. The host Team is required to submit the results of the dual meet per paragraph 2.12 and 2.13.  If paper results are submitted, the Host Team will be assessed a $25 processing fee by the League to convert the paper results to an electronic format.

1.9 USA Swimming Technical Rules

The League will provide each team a copy of the current USA Swimming Technical Rules.


A. Each Association shall electronically submit a copy of each Team Roster to the League Website no later than eight (8) days before the first League dual or tri meet scheduled by the League for any League member. The Rosters must be submitted using the Team Name and Abbreviation listed on the league website. Instructions are on the league's website. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a $25.00 fine for each Team.

B. League Rosters may not be combined. Separate rosters must be submitted for each individual Boys and Girls Team sponsored by an Association. Rosters must contain information by Sex, Division, and Age Group, including the full name and birth date of each participant.

C. Roster additions must be made electronically to the website. Roster additions must be submitted eight (8) days prior to the swimmer being eligible for official competition in the League; i.e., by Friday of the previous week to be eligible to compete in a Saturday dual meet. Instructions are on the league website.

D. Eligibility shall be in accordance with the eligibility rules listed in the "YMCA of the USA Swimming and Diving Advisory Committee, Competitive Swimming Black Book."

E. Infraction of the Roster Eligibility Rules (1.10A to 1.10D) causes forfeiture of all points earned by the ineligible swimmer, the changing of placements to account for all points per event, and adjustment of the age group and meet scores, where applicable.

F. Once a swimmer has been rostered on and competes for a particular PENN-DEL TEAM, he/she must continue to represent only that Team in subsequent competition (includes A, B, or C Team if the Association has more than one Team entered in the League). Swimmers listed on the roster of more than one Team from an Association must be dropped from the second Team as soon as the individual competes for one of the Teams. The Team Representative must notify the Boys or Girls Commissioner, as well as each Team Representative in the Division from which the swimmer is being dropped, of this change.

G. Once a member Association has rostered a team (or teams) in the PENN-DEL SWIMMING LEAGUE, that team (or teams) must be represented by a Coach. A Coach must be present at ALL League dual meets, interdivision meets, and Championships. A recognized League Coach must be an individual employed by a member Association and/or Parents' Association to coach a League team. A League team must not appoint a "parent designee" to act in behalf of the team Coach at any PENN-DEL LEAGUE meet, whether it be a dual, interdivision or championship meet. In the event of an emergency, a member Association and/or Parents' Association may appoint a "Coach Designee" with the approval of the appropriate Boys or Girls Commissioner. Failure of the member team to provide a Coach may result in the forfeiture of the League dual or interdivisional meet and/or other disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the LEAGUE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Failure of the member Team to provide a Coach at a Championship meet may result in the team/swimmers not being permitted to participate in the meet and/or other disciplinary action as deemed necessary by the LEAGUE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


Damage to property occurring during League Dual Meets or Championship Meets will be assessed to the offending Associations or equally to all participating Associations if direct responsibility cannot be determined. The offended party must provide reasonable proof that responsibility for the damage is attributable to swim team members and not to other individuals.

For all Penn-Del League meets (dual and championships) the host team is responsible to provide the appropriate insurance. The League will not bear any responsibility for any damage or injury.


The Boys and Girls Commissioners are directly responsible for the League operation of the Boys and Girls Divisions as required by the League Rules. Failure of the Association to comply with its administrative requirements may result in the imposition of a fine by the Boys or Girls Commissioner of not less than $5.00 nor more than $25.00 (except where these Rules specifically authorize a larger fine). Protests of meets must be e-mailed to the Boys or Girls Commissioners within seven (7) days of the meet being posted on the league website and may only be made by the Head Coach or League Representative. The commissioner shall investigate and resolve each protest


A. The election and term of office for the Board of Directors of the League are defined in the League By-Laws, Article V. A list of the current Board of Directors will be issued in the Fall of each year. The Board of Directors consists of: President, Vice-President (Rules Committee Chairperson), Girls Commissioner, Boys Commissioner, Secretary, Treasurer, Coaches representative, Aquatics Director representative and Eight (8) At-Large Members.

B. The Board of Directors, as defined in the By-Laws, Article V, is the governing body of the League and is responsible for the following:

             1. Direction of all activities of the League.
             2. Assessment and collection of fines
             3. Replacement on a temporary basis of an elected Executive Officer or an appointed Officer (by a 2/3s affirmative vote) to ensure the proper functioning of the League.




A. The rules for swimming the four (4) competitive strokes are those defined in the USA Swimming Technical Rules.

B. Swimwear shall be as approved by USA Swimming, The National YMCA and Penn-Del Swim League.


A. A swimmer's age for the entire League season (League Age) is determined by the individual's age as of December 1 of the current season. Those individuals having birthdays on December 1 will be considered to have attained the older age.

B. Swimmers whose League Age puts them in the 8 & under, 9-10, or 11-12 Age Group categories may move up one Age group for any League Dual meet. However, the swimmer must compete in the advanced age group for the entire League Meet. For example, a 9-10 swimmer who wishes to compete in the 11-12 Butterfly event may then compete (officially) only in the 11-12 Age Group events. The swimmer would not be eligible to compete (officially) in any 9-10 Age Group events.

C. A swimmer whose League Age put them in the 13-14 Age Group category may move WITHOUT restriction between the 13-14 and 15-21 categories in any League Dual Meet and may officially compete in either or both age groups in the same dual meet.

D. A 11-12 Age Group swimmer who is at least 12 years old (their 12th birthday is on or before the day of the meet) on the day of a meet may move WITHOUT restriction between the 11-12 and 15-21 (or 13-14 and 15-21) Age Groups in any League Dual Meet. A swimmer may not swim (officially) in both the 11-12 and 13-14 Age Groups (or in the 11-12, 13-14, and 15-21 Age Groups) in the same League Dual Meet.

E. The 15-21 Age Group is for swimmers with a maximum age of 21 as of December 1 of the current season, with the provision that the swimmer has never competed at the college level. Competition of any kind at the college level disqualifies the individual from competition in the League. Persons wishing for exceptions due to extenuating circumstances should contact the Rules Committee Chairperson.

F. If a swimmer competes in an ineligible age group thus violating rules 2.2A, B C, D, all points earned by the swimmer in the incorrect age group shall be forfeited, and places and age group points adjusted accordingly for the event  In the case of invalid age group movement, the proper age group will be determined by the first official event swum by that swimmer in the League Meet in question.

G. The age groups are 8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-21.


A. Each swimmer is limited to three (3) official swimming events in a dual meet. Infraction causes forfeiture of all points earned, the changing of placements to account for all points per event, and the adjustment of Age Group and Meet scores as necessary. The forfeiture of the points shall be done by changing the swimmer who has swum too many events from live swimmer to exhibition swimmer in each of their events.

B. All events listed on a League approved meet template mutually selected by the meet participants must be held unless none of the participating teams has an entry. Distance events reflected as "Exhibition" on the approved template may be held by agreement of the Participating teams.

C. An individual must participate as an official or exhibition swimmer in at least two (2) League Dual Meets in order to compete at the League Championships. All entry times for the Championships are to be documented during the current League season, although not necessarily in League Meets.

D. An individual may participate in the League as both a swimmer and a coach, provided that the individual meets the requirements for both, as specified in these rules. Coaches who are not rostered swimmers may participate in League Meets only as unofficial swimmers.

E. A swimmer who misses an event in which they are officially entered in a Dual Meet may swim his/her other scheduled events. The missed event must be counted as an event participation.


A. Any properly rostered swimmer may compete unofficially in an event as an Exhibition swimmer.

B. Exhibition heats should be swum AFTER the scoring heat (Courtesy between Coaches regarding the number of exhibition swims per dual meet is in order.)

C. Exhibition swimmers may not earn points for their Team, and the event does not count as a participation event for the swimmers. The times of an Exhibition swimmer may be used to qualify for League and District Championships. The Exhibition swimmer may swim in the live heat or one of the exhibition heats.


A. Dual meets may be postponed within 72 hours of the originally scheduled time only due to extreme weather conditions or illness of epidemic proportions. When these conditions occur and re-scheduling is necessary, the new date and time will be determined by mutual agreement of the two League Representatives AND/OR TEAM COACHES and the appropriate "Y" officials. The Boys or Girls Commissioner must be notified of all circumstances and the new date BY THE ORIGINAL HOME TEAM WITHIN FOUR (4) DAYS OF THE ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED DUAL MEET. If mutual agreement on a new date cannot be reached by the Associations involved, then the President, Boys or Girls Commissioner, and the Rules Committee Chairperson will act as arbitrators and provide a solution to the problem. (NOTE: the above named may not act as arbitrators if they are from any of the Associations involved. Their place(s) will be taken by other members of the Rules Committee selected at random.) Decisions reached by the arbitrators are binding upon both Associations. Failure by either Association to comply will automatically result in a forfeit and a $25.00 fine for the offending party.

B. Any League Meet may be rescheduled within the confines of the League Season by mutual agreement of the two Associations. The appropriate Boys or Girls Commissioner must be informed by the Host Association of any rescheduled meet prior to the originally scheduled date.


All League Dual Meets must be scheduled to start between the hours of 11:00 AM and 4:15 PM. Adequate time for each team's warm-up should be allowed prior to the meet starting time. Exceptions to this Rule must be agreed to by the Visiting Team and approved by the Boys or Girls Commissioner. Each home team must provide the warm up and start times for each scheduled meet to the league scheduler within two (2) weeks of the first posting of the draft schedule on the League website. Failure to provide the starting times by this date will result in a fine of $25 for each meet for which the times are not provided. If the times are not provided by the next week, the fine will be increased to $50.


A. All League Meets SHALL start when they are scheduled. No Team SHALL be required to wait longer than forty-five (45) minutes past the listed starting time. However, the visiting Team may not leave without having competed or having received permission to leave from either the Boys or Girls Commissioner or the President. If a League Meet starts more than 45 minutes late, then the offending Team/Association becomes liable for a fine of $25.00. This fine will be reviewed by the Board of Directors who will render final judgment.

B. In the case where a succeeding scheduled League Meet is delayed and such delay is caused by a delay in the start of the previous League Meet (other than a bus breakdown), the first League Meet will be terminated thirty (30) minutes after the scheduled starting time of the succeeding League Meet. The Team responsible for the delayed start of the first meet will forfeit the events not swum. Warm-ups for the succeeding League Meet will be limited to fifteen (15) minutes in order to comply with Rule 2.7A.

C. If a stalling procedure is used by Coaches, officials, or others in a League Meet which is terminated under Rule 2.7B, then neither Team will receive points for the un-swum portion.

2.8 - Meet Events

A. The Order of Events must be in accord with meet templates provided on the League website.


A. The following officials are required for a League meet:

Home Team


Visiting Team


Referee (Note 1) (Note 2)



Starter (Note 1)



Administrative Official (Note 2)



Place Judge



Stroke & Turn Judge



Computer Operator (Note 2)








1/Lane + 1




Note 1: If sufficient officials are not available to have different officials perform the duties of the referee and the starter, the host team may elect to have one certified PennDel Referee fulfill both positions concurrently.  In this event, the host team must arrange for another official to observe and confirm false starts in accordance with USA Swimming Technical Rules. If a second official does not confirm false starts, no swimmer may be charged with a false start.

Note 2: The home team is responsible to have a Penn Del certified person  for each of these positions.

B. Not Used

C. The Home Team always swims in the EVEN numbered lanes and the Visiting Team in the ODD numbered lanes.

D. Certified YMCA officials must be used to officiate the key positions:

1.              Referee

2.              Starter

3.              Administrative Official

4.              Stoke Judge

5.              Turn Judge

6.              Relay Take-Off Judge

Note: Officials shall be certified to the Level for the position they are working.

E. All Key Officials (as listed in 2.9.D) must be fully knowledgeable of the current Penn-Del League and USA Swimming Technical Rules.

F. Failure of an Association to use the key officials as listed in Rule 2.9.D may result in forfeiture of the Associations dual meets, monetary fines, or suspension from the League, as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.  If an Association is unable to provide Certified YMCA Officials for a dual meet, the Association must use the Certified YMCA Officials from the opposing team, if available. If not available from these sources, then the association should post a request to all teams using the league website.

G. Should an Association be consistently unable to furnish the required Certified YMCA Officials, the Board of Directors will take appropriate action as listed in Rule 2.9 F.

H. All Certified Officials are must wear the uniform as defined by the National YMCA.

I. It is required that the Announcer use an electronic amplification system (if available) or bullhorn.

J. In order to be a REFEREE at a Penn-Del League dual, interdivision, or Championship swim meet an individual must:

1. Be a Certified Referee Level YMCA Official.

2. To be a League Referee each official must attend an Annual Referee's Clinic. This clinic will be taught by persons appointed by the League Board of Directors. Instruction will include USA Swimming rule changes and interpretations. League rules and procedures and advice for supervising officials and scorers at League meets.

3. All participants will be provided a copy of the current USA Swimming Technical Rules book.

4. To qualify for the League Referees' Clinic, each official must have:

   a. the current YMCA Certification for Referee Level

   b. one (1) years' experience as a deck official

5. Not Used

6. A nominal fee will be charged to each individual participating in the Penn-Del League Referees' Clinic.

K. In order to be a Administrative Official at a Penn-Del League dual, interdivision, or Championship swim meet an individual must:

1. Be a Certified Administrative Official or Level II YMCA Official.

2. To be a League Administrative Official each official must attend an Annual Administrative Official's Clinic. This clinic will be taught by persons appointed by the League Board of Directors. Instruction will include USA Swimming rule changes and interpretations, League rules and procedures .

3. All participants will be provided a copy of the current USA Swimming Technical Rules book.

4. To qualify for the League Administrative Official�s Clinic, each official must have:

   The current YMCA Certification for Administrative Official or Level II

5. A nominal fee will be charged to each individual participating in the Penn-Del League Administrative Official's Clinic.

M. In order to be a Computer Operator (Meet Manager Program Operator) at a Penn-Del League dual, interdivision, or Championship swim meet an individual must:

1. To be a League Computer Operator (Meet Manager Program Operator) each person must attend an Annual Computer Operator's Clinic. This clinic will be taught by persons appointed by the League Board of Directors. Instruction will include basic instructions on running the Meet Manager Program. It will also cover USA Swimming rule changes and interpretations dealing with scoring, League rules and procedures .

2. A nominal fee will be charged to each individual participating in the Penn-Del League Administration Official's Clinic.

N. Even if an association does not have any Penn-Del League certified referees, as specified in Rule 2.9.J, that association is still required to provide a Penn-Del League certified referee for home meets.  Failure of the association to provide a Penn-Del League certified referee will result in a fine of $50.00 for a meet without a certified referee. Failure of an association to provide a Penn-Del certified AO or Computer Operator will result in a fine of $50.00. This fine will not go into effect until the 2017-2018 season. For this paragraph a dual meet or double dual meet is considered a single meet, requiring only one referee.

O. The Home Team is responsible to ensure a certified lifeguard is on duty when swimmers are in the water.

P. Swimming pools used for Penn-Del League competition must have a minimum water depth of five (5) feet at the starting end of the pool.

1. If the water depth is less than five (5) feet at the starting end of the pool, all swimmers must start in the water.

2. If the water depth is less than five (5) feet at the turn end of the pool, the second and fourth swimmers in 100 yard/meter freestyle and medley relay races must start in the water.

2.10 - SCORING

2.10.1 Dual meet scoring shall be per the Penn Del League scoring procedure posted on the website.

2.10.2 The scoring shall be done electronically using League approved meet management software.

2.11      Not Used

2.12      Not Used

2.13 Dual meet results Validation

After dual meet results are posted on the League website or mailed to the boys or girls commissioners, the results will be validated.

The commissioners will check that the League rules for rostering have been correctly applied. The commissioners will also run the four meet manager exception reports (maximum entries, ages not correct, check relay ages, event/athlete age/sex mismatch) to determine if there are any exceptions. If there are any non-compliances to the rules, the commissioners will correct the meet results by changing the non-compliance swimmers to exhibition and rescore the meet. The affected teams will be emailed the change in the meet results. After teams have been notified of changes, they have seven (7) days to protest the changes to the commissioner.


At each League Meet, the Referee must complete the "Dual Meet Results & Meet Workers List" Form which includes the names of all officials. The Referee must sign this form at the conclusion of the meet. By signing this form, the Referee indicates that he/she accepts the responsibility for the conduct of that particular League Meet.

2.15 - Not Used

2.16 - TIMING

Timing procedures will be according to current USA Swimming Technical Rules

2.17 - Not Used

2.18 - Not Used


A. All protests must be in e-mailed within seven (7) days of the meet being posted on the league website and may only be made by the Head Coach or League Representative. The League suggests that the protests also be verbally given to the Referee during the meet. Copies of an official protest must be sent to the appropriate Divisional Commissioner, and the League Representative of the opposing Team involved.

B. The Boys or Girls Commissioner will set into motion the machinery deemed necessary to examine, investigate, validate, or invalidate the protest and upon completion of the process, make a recommendation to the Rules Committee within a period not to exceed thirty (30) days after the date of the protest. This thirty (30) day period may be extended by the need to gather further data from persons not immediately available. During the protest investigation, any other errors in the performance of the meet may be investigated and corrected.

C. For a minor discrepancy in meet results a �timing� protest can be made. For example a swimmer has a 15.03 time that should have been, 1:05.03. The protest would be to correct the time in the data base. No other part of the meet would be checked and no additional protest would be allowed based on the timing correction. The protest will be submitted per the timing protest Procedure.


The league realignment will occur annually. The board will make an initial proposal for the realignment. The League circulate the proposed Divisional alignment. The teams will be permitted to petition to move to a different division.

The following deadlines will be indicated on the League Calendar:

Deadline for associations to notify League about number of teams entered

Deadline for petitions to change Divisional alignments




A. The League President SHALL appoint a League Championship Coordinator whose responsibility SHALL include requesting bids from Associations wishing to host a League Championship, and recommending, to the Board, on their acceptance.

B. A member of the League Board of Directors will be appointed by the President to be the Meet Referee for all Penn Del Swim League Divisional Championship meets. The Meet Referee is responsible for overall conduct of the meet, including oversight of the swimming and the meet officials, the operation of the timing system, resolution of time disputes, determination of order of finish, and all other administrative requirements. The Meet Referee is the senior official at the Championship meet, and has ultimate responsibility for the meet and for resolution of any and all problems.

C. At all League Championship Meets, there will be a three member Meet Committee consisting of the Host Team Meet Director, the League Meet Referee and the Deck Referee which will have the final authority on all procedural matters at that Championship. Under no circumstances may one person fill more than one position on the Meet Committee. (NOTE: The Deck Referee may be a different individual for each session of a Championship).


League Divisional Championships will be awarded by the Board of Directors to Associations which are currently in good financial standing with the League. Associations desiring to host Divisional Championships must submit an application to host a Divisional Championship to the Championship Coordinator by the date indicated on the League Calendar. The host team shall determine the date and location of the championship meet and submit with their championship bid application. The League will attempt to rotate the various Divisional Championships among the Teams/Associations desiring to host them. If more than 1 bid is received for any division, priority will be given to the team for which it has been the longest since last hosting. If insufficient number of acceptable bids are received by the date indicated on the League Calendar, additional bids will be solicited and accepted, and will be awarded as determined by the Board of Directors.


A. The Host Team/Association will be responsible for the following:

1. Determine the date and location of the championship meet and submit with their championship bid application.

2. Provide a six (6) or more lane, 25 yard or meter pool with adequate deck space and spectator seating facilities, as well as appropriate dressing rooms and shower facilities for swimmers.  Rules 2.9.L and 2.9.M also apply to Divisional Championships.

3. Obtain an electronic automatic timing system that records Time and Order of Finish for competitive swimming events. The timing equipment must have at least one (1) operable back up push button for all lanes. Semi automatic timing equipment or manual timing may be used for 25 yard/meter races only.

4. Obtain a sufficient number of competent officials including the following:

 - Deck Referee
 - Starter
 - Chief Judges
 - Stroke & Turn Judges
 - Order of Finish Personnel (2 Place Judges or Starter/Refs)
 - Scorers
 - Lane Timers

It is REQUIRED that the Meet Referee, Deck Referee, Starter, Administrative Official, Chief Judge, and Stroke & Turn Judges be Certified YMCA Officials to the appropriate position Level. In addition, the Meet Referee and the Deck Referee must meet the requirements of Section 2.10.J of these rules. The officials who act as starter or referee may only work one session per championship. If the session time is less than three (3) hours only one starter and referee is needed. If the time line is longer than three hours, two starters and referees are required. Order of finish personnel must be used regardless of the type of timing procedure. All Certified Officials are REQUIRED to wear the uniform as defined by National YMCA.

The Deck Referee is responsible for the conduct of all swimming events in the pool and for the supervision and performance of the officials listed above working the championship meet.

B. All appropriate Meet information with regard to time, place, and entry information will be submitted to the Championship Coordinator for approval by the date indicated on the League Calendar. After approval by the coordinator, information packet will be posted on the league website by the date indicated on the League Calendar.

C. Provide the name, email address, mailing address, and phone number of the Meet Director to the Championship Coordinator and Webmaster with the meet information packet.

D. Each Host must comply with the rules set forth by the Penn Del League for Divisional Championship meets. This includes, but is not limited to, the order of events, event numbers, name and abbreviation of teams as specified on the website, entry fees, etc. Failure to comply with all rules will result in a minimum fine of $25.00.


A. The League will provide information as to the procedures and formats that may be used in Divisional Championships including the Order of Events for the meet. No deviations are allowed without prior written permission of the League Championship Coordinator. It is recommended that Championships be held in split sessions - with the 8 & Under and 9-10 Age Groups in the morning and the older Age Groups in the afternoon. A Host Team wishing to hold a single session Championship must obtain the Board's approval before January 1. No Championship information regarding a single session Meet may be sent to participating Teams without this approval.

B. The League will provide the setup files for the championship meets. These cannot be changed without the permission of the Championship Coordinator. Any changes made without permission will result in a minimum fine of $25. Instructions are provided on the league website.

The league will provide the Championship information packet template to be used by the host teams. Only sections in gray may be changed.
C. The League will provide to the Host Team/Association:

1. Team award for First Place in dual meet season.

2. Age Group awards for First Place in dual meet season.

3. Championship award medals for 1-3 place in individual events and 1-3 place in relays.

4. Championship award ribbons for 4-12 place in individual events and 4-6 place in relays.

5. Team high point score for the meet trophy.


A. In order to enter swimmers in the League Divisional Championships, a Team/Association must be in good financial standing with the League both at the time of entry and the time of competition. Teams/Associations with outstanding debts will not be allowed to compete until all debts to the League are paid.

B. An individual must have participated as an Official or Exhibition swimmer in at least two (2) League Dual Meets in order to be eligible to compete in the League Championships. All entry times must be documented in the current League Season although not necessarily in League Dual Meets. The times will be for meets on or after September 1 of the current season.
C. Swimmers must swim in their own age group at League Championships. The 15-19 Age Group is reserved for swimmers age 15-19. The only exceptions are for the 500 yard/400 meter freestyle and for relays in the 15-19 Age Group.  These three events will be considered to be Open events.

D. Each swimmer is allowed to enter a maximum of four (4) events, but no more than three (3) individual events.

E. Each Team will be allowed an unlimited number of entries in the individual events. Teams will be allowed to enter an unlimited number of relays in the relay events. Relay teams must each have a different letter designator assigned by the entering Team.

F. Four (4) swimmers must be listed for each relay entry. Any rostered swimmer who meets the requirements of 3.5.B and 3.5.C will be permitted to substitute on the Relay.

G. The entry fee for Championships will be as determined by the League Board.

H. Entries will be submitted on line per the instructions on the website. The entries are due on the Friday of the week prior to the Championship. When entries are made, each must include their list of volunteers as described in paragraph 3.3.A.4

I. Entries must be submitted in the electronic format provided by the League. The entries must be submitted using the Team Name and Abbreviation listed in the league website. Failure to do so will result in a minimum fine of $25.


A. All League Championships will be held as Timed Finals events. Proper seeding procedures for Timed Finals events (i.e. all fastest swimmers in last heat) SHALL be used. Regardless of the type of timing procedure, order of finish personnel recording the Order of finish for all lanes must be used.

B. When the automatic timing system is operating properly, three (3) timers per lane are required for the AM championship session, two (2) timers are required for the PM championship session. Three timers are required for manual timing, semi-automatic timing or when automatic timing system is not operating.

C. The final order of finish in each event SHALL be based primarily on Official Times, with first place being awarded to the fastest time in all the heats of that event, second place to the second fastest time, etc., according to the following provisions:

1) When automatic or semi-automatic (for 25 yard/meter races only) equipment is used and operates properly, the automatic or semi-automatic device time will be official and will be used for overall placement. The finish time for automatic timing is the pad time. The finish time for semi-automatic timing is the average of the two (2) buttons, or the middle time if three (3) buttons are used. When two (2) or more swimmers have identical times to the hundredths of a second, they SHALL be declared tied for that placement.

2) Timing resolution must be per the procedure provided on the League Website.

D. Procedure for declaring the relay swimmers at the Championships SHALL be as follows:

Changes in a Medley Relay to include a substitute swimmer must be made at the coaches meeting or at a time designated by the Meet Referee. Changes in a Free Relay to include a substitute swimmer may be made prior to the start of the second group of Breaststroke events.


A. The League will purchase all trophies, ribbons and medals, and provide them to the various Host Associations.

B. The Host Association will not be charged for the Championship awards. The Penn-Del League will assume these fees.

C. Ribbons and medals are accountable items. Any excess must be immediately returned to the League via the Championship Representative or the cost of the items will be charged to the Host Association. 

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