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Board Minutes
 PennDel Swimming : Board Minutes
Subject Article: Board Meeting - February 10, 2020
 Board Meeting - February 10, 2020
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Posted: March-25-2020 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
Title: WebMaster
Group: Admin
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February 10, 2020

Attendance: Elliot Berton, Tom Warrick, Mark Fisher, Ken Burk, Bruce Cooper, Bert Hewitt, Rick Carson*, Kelly Burk*, Pat Ryan*, Erik Nelson*, Howard Halpern*, Carl Sandoe*, Fred Polaski* (* - By Phone)

The meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm.

Minutes: The January 13, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes were reviewed, amended, and approved as amended.

Election of New Board Member: Elliot Berton nominated Bruce Cooper to serve the balance of the term as Secretary of the Board of Directors. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Finance: Pat reported on the balance of funds and highlighted transactions during the last month. He summarized sums that were pending including Championship awards, bag tags for participants and the GCIT fee for the Charlie Hartley meet. The Board confirmed that any expense for a Meet Manager license to network computers at Championship meets will be paid by host clubs. The Treasurer's report was approved as presented.

Commissioners: Ken summarized key issued from the completed Dual Meet season. Ken noted that:

  • For the most part Meet Result submissions went smoothly.
  • There were issues with names in the meet databases that did not match names on team rosters. Sometimes the issue resulted from the absence of a middle initial on the meet entries when the middle initial was listed on the roster.
  • For next year the Board will emphasize the importance of limiting distractions at the scoring table. The issue will be discussed in League AO and Meet Manager Operator clinics.

Championships/Distance Meets: Carl provided a report of completed meets, noting that:

  • Distance Meet Reports
    • The South Distance Meet was a success. The revised format with the breaks in sessions worked very well. The meet was well attended and ran with no issues.
    • Carl will assist the Meet host to submit the results to USA swimming.
    • The North Distance Meet had a low turnout. The Board will solicit input from League Members about support for this Meet.
  • Adams Meet Report
    • Meet ran smoothly but encountered a computer issue.
    • The Board will urge Championship AOs to make that the computer is backed up frequently or at least at the end of each session to avoid losing data and results.
    • The Meet Manager database became corrupt and couldn't be repaired in a timely manner. The swimmer's data was still stored in the console, so the meet utilized a different copy of the database to continue to run.
    • The results are accurate but span two different files, because of the computer issue.
    • There was some board discussion on a possible solution to this issue if the situation arises again and Tom will share some previous knowledge with some other people to possibly help if this ever comes up again.
  • Madison Meet Report
    • Meet went well, there were approximately 350 swimmers in attendance.
  • Washington Meet Report
    • Meet ran well, though some families were concerned that Meet Mobile was not utilized until after the meet was completed.
  • Jefferson and Monroe still to be completed.
  • Meet Results
    • The request was made that the meet results be submitted to Tom as soon as possible following meets so that they can be posted on the League website in a timely manner.

Charlie Hartley Meet: Erik and Mark reported that as of Monday, there are approximately 950 entered swimmers with that number likely to go up slightly. The official's signup is up and running and the rest of the logistics are being finalized.

Website Redesign: There was some positive feedback for the ongoing web site redesign. Tom is continuing efforts to make the site easy to use.

Other Business: The Board received a number of requests to compile Distance Meet and Championship Meet records. Elliot asked Bruce to prepare and present a proposal to the Board defining what records the League will track for these Meets. The Board is working on Rule changes which will be presented for Board consideration at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Bruce Cooper

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