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Board Minutes
 PennDel Swimming : Board Minutes
Subject Article: Board Meeting - March 12, 2018
 Board Meeting - March 12, 2018
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Posted: April-14-2018 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
Title: WebMaster
Group: Admin Group
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Penn Del Swim League
Board Meeting Minutes - March 12, 2018

C.T.O.: 6:34 pm by President Berton.

Present: Elliot Berton, Bob Heebner Jr., Erik Nelson, Rick Carson, Mark Fisher, Tom Warrick, Bert Hewitt, Carl Sandoe, Jenn Woods*, Howard Halpern*, Kelly Burk*, Fred Polaski *. *= by phone.

Minutes: The Minutes from the February 12, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting were reviewed and approved as amended.

Financial Report: Elliot reviewed the Treasurer�s report including the status of payments made and income received in February. The Board observed that there are sufficient funds on hand for anticipated expenses, and reviewed open invoices issued to League members.

Commissioners: Rick outlined a protest of a fine assessed to a team that conducted a dual meet without a certified Referee and Administrative Official. The Board considered the communications between the League and the member club and determined that the protest should be overruled. Rick will notify the protesting club of the Board decision.

Charlie Hartley: Erik and Mark reported the meet went great and that there were 976 swimmers who registered for the event. The Board considered a proposal to acquire a B/C cable that could be used for the turn end during the 8 & under session. Ridley will investigate and advise the Board whether a cable could be rented or purchased and at what cost.

Championships: Carl sought Board input on appropriate charges for use of League equipment at Championship meets. Carl will prepare a proposal for consideration by the Board.

Officials: The Board discussed recent communication issues with League members. It was agreed that a list of Referees, Administrative Officials and Meet Manager Operators qualified to work at League meets, accessible to head coaches, will be posted on the website home page. The Board also agreed that invoices for League clinics should be issued in a timelier manner. Moreover, Referees, Administrative Officials and Meet Manager Operators who were certified to serve at League meets this season will receive a reminder that they must attend a League clinic next year in order to be certified to serve at League meets next season.

Rules: The Board agreed that the head coach of each member club will be the 'point of contact' between the League and the individual teams. The Board also discussed possible Rule changes including an adjustment to the deadline for roster updates to add new swimmers. The new deadline will be the Wednesday prior to a weekend meet.

Website: Tom reported that a temporary issue with email transmitted through the website has been fixed. He also reminded everyone to make sure that their website information is accurate and up to date.

Adjourned: 8:54 P.M.
Next meeting: April 9 Location: TBD

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