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Board Minutes
 PennDel Swimming : Board Minutes
Subject Article: Board Meeting - January 16, 2018
 Board Meeting - January 16, 2018
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Posted: February-13-2018 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
Title: WebMaster
Group: Admin Group
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January 16,2018

Attendance:  Elliot Berton, Erik Nelson, Mark Fisher, Tom Warrick, Carl Sandoe, Rick Carson*, Howard Halpern*, Jenn Woods*  (*-By Phone)

The Meeting was called to Order at 6:32 pm.

Minutes:  The Minutes from the December 11, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting were read and approved as presented.

Championships:  Carl reported on the status of the 5 divisional Championships and the Distance Meet.  The start time for one session at the Monroe Division will be adjusted because February 4 is Super Bowl Sunday.  The invitations for all meets have been posted, and online volunteer sign up sheets created.     Some entries have already been submitted for the Distance Meet.

Charlie Hartley Meet:  Howard has reserved rooms for Board use.  Board members desiring over night accommodation should notify Howard.  The meet file and invitation are still being revised. Carl and Erik will confer to complete and post these items shortly.  Howard and Bert will assign officials for both sessions at each pool.  Buttons will be used for the 8 and under session, and the Meet host will work with GCIT to ensure that the buttons and harness are working properly.  The Board also discussed plans to network the scoring computers at the meet.   

Commissioners:  Rick presented a protest of fines levied for failure to utilize a properly credentialed Administrative Official and Meet Manager Operators.  Because the situation was, in part, created by miscommunications between the club and the Board, the protest was sustained and the fines shall be waived.   Jenn outlined a protest submitted by a team who felt that a coach interfered with a call made by an official.  Upon investigation, it was discovered that the referee was involved in the decision not to disqualify a swimmer.  Because the Board is unable to overrule a judgment decision, the protest was denied.   

The Board discussed ways to improve communications with volunteers some of whom did not know that the League clinics for Administrative Officials and Meet Manager Operators must be attended annually.   In addition, the clinic trainers will continue to evaluate the content of clinics so that they are helpful and interesting to attendees.   The Board will evaluate the rules regarding protest procedures for clarity.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Elliot Berton

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