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Meet Instructions and Procedures
 PennDel Swimming : Meet Instructions and Procedures
Subject Article: Penn-Del Admin Official Golden Rules
 Penn-Del Admin Official Golden Rules
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Posted: October-31-2019 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
Title: WebMaster
Group: Admin
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Penn Del AO Golden Rules 2019 - 2020

As the Admin Official, these are things you must do:

  1. If the heat info in Meet Manager has a color (Green, Yellow, Blue), tell the Meet Manager operator to print out calc screen. Then send it out for the watch times and Order of Finish (OOF). ALWAYS!!!.

    Color definitions

Yellow Calculated backup time is more than .3 faster than the pad time

Blue Calculated backup time is more than .3 slower than the pad time

Green Only two backups, the average is more than .3 from the pad time, but one backup is within .3 of the pad time

Dark Pink for any backup time means it is more than .3 from the pad time

  1. Use a highlighter to mark the lanes which need information.

  2. If the times on the calc screen printout are changed, the calc screen must be reprinted
  3. Tell the Meet Manager operator that they are "to never manually enter" anything into MM unless you direct them to based on timing resolution.

  4. If the console does not start with the starting system tell the console operator to "wait at least 4 to 5 seconds at least" before manually starting the race.

  5. If the data for the watches or OOF don't make sense, send the calc screen printout again to get watch times and OOF.

  6. Remember that when the timing system is an "Automatic Timing System" the Pad or adjusted Pad times determine the order of finish. For a "Manual Timing System" the place judges determine the order of finish.

  7. If after you have accepted the adjustment in the calc screen there is still a ? in the AdjStat column of the run screen, you have not finished that heat. You need to click on the ? to show that you accept the adjustment that MM offered you.

  8. The information that written on the calc screen print out should have enough details so that either you or someone else can determine why you chose the official time that you chose. The review could be either the next day, next week or next month.

  9. Remember that two (2) independent pieces of information is needed to overrule the pad. The watch time and button time done by the same person is considered one piece of info.

  10. An additional piece of info can be obtained by checking the heat split times in Meet Manager. Check to see if splits make sense.

  11. If no other info is available, it's OK to ask the coach what time he had for the swimmer. You can use this info to get a time for the swimmer.


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