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Meet Instructions and Procedures
 PennDel Swimming : Meet Instructions and Procedures
Subject Article: Meet Manager Set-Up Day of Meet
 Meet Manager Set-Up Day of Meet
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Posted: October-31-2019 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
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Meet Manager Set-Up Day of Meet

Updated for 2019-2020

1. Prior to the Meet Set-Up

Using the latest League Template. Set-up the meet by doing the following:

  • Change the Meet Title
  • Change the Meet Date
  • Change the Report Title
  • Verify the Number of Lanes
  • Correct the Session Start
  • Import the Rosters for the two teams.

2. Import Swimmers and Entries

Each coach should provide a disk with entries for the dual meet. To import the entries:

  • Select Import Entries from the File menu.
  • Select the file on the disk.
  • Select OK, then Ok again.

3. Print Entry Report

Print a copy of each coaches entries as they imported into the system. Select Reports Customized Reports Penn Del Program. Then Select All the Events. Save with meet paper trail.

4. Run Exception Reports

With a meet open in Meet Manager, open the Run screen. In the run screen, open the report category. Do this before the start of the meet and after the coaches initial changes have been made.

In the Report category, open the exception reports.

Run the exception report for number of entries. Set the report to each team on separate pages. For a dual meet the entries report should be set for three total entries, three individual entries and three relay entries. Run the report, if there are exceptions provide the applicable coach with a copy of the exception report and place a copy of the report in the meet paperwork. It is up to the coach to make any changes necessary. If there are no exceptions, the ref should write on a blank sheet of paper that fact and sign the sheet. Place this info in the meet info paperwork.

Next go to the miscellaneous tab and run the following three reports;

Run two copies of each report, 1 copy for the Ref to give Coaches & 1 for the Paper Trail. Separate pages for each team.

  • Run Exception Report for Swims greater than 3.
  • Select the Miscellaneous Exceptions Tab.
  • Run "Ages that are not Correct" Report.
  • Run "Check Relay Ages Report" Report.
  • Run Event/Athlete Sex/Age Mismatch Report.

Do each separately. If there are exceptions give the report to the coach. It is their responsibility to make any changes. If there are no exceptions, the ref should write on a blank sheet of paper that fact and sign the sheet (a single sheet can be used for all of the reports). Place this info in the meet info paperwork.

After the exception reports have been run, the Referee will initial the Penn Del Referee Checklist.

5. Set Up for Scoring

Select Entry Scoring Preferences from the Set-Up menu. Select the 2 or 3+ Double Dual Tab. Select the Select Teams button. Select the Teams.

6. Check Race Lengths (If the coaches opt for 200's)

Select Events, Select the 15-19 Medley Relay, Select Edit, Select 200, Select OK. Repeat for the Freestyle if necessary.

7. Scratch/Adds

Scratch and Add Swimmers at the coaches request. Change Cards are required.

8. Consolidate Exhibition Heats

Combine Exhibition heats wherever possible.

Combining Events

  • Import entries from both teams

  • Ensure all heats/lanes have been assigned (#4 in refresher list above)

  • Review each event to see how many heats are created; if only one heat and there are open lanes, see if the respective boy/girl event can be combined.

  • If so, move swimmers to lanes so that when the two events are combined by the starter, there will be swimmers from both events combined.

      • Example:  Event 1 has entries in lanes 2, 3 and 4; event 2 has entries in lanes 2, 4 and 5 � in this scenario, you can combine the two events.  For Event 1, move swimmers to lanes 1, 2 and 3 and go to Event 2 and move them to 4, 5, and 6. 

  • Often with relays, you can combine multiple events.

  • Ensure you are NOT combining events of different distances. 

  • You CAN combine genders.

  • You CAN NOT combine strokes.

  • You CAN combine ages provided the distances and strokes are the same.

  • After all combining is finished, print one copy of the meet program.

  • Visually review all combined events to ensure that there are no overlaps of lane assignments.

  • Once all is complete, circle the event numbers that are being combined, draw a line to connect them and write the letter C with a circle around it.  This tells everyone which events are combined.

  • During the meet, you can combine if scratches allow; if you do combine, notify coaches, starter and referee.

9. Open the Run Screen for Console Set-up

In the run screen open the communication port by selecting Interface Timer CTS5 Download.

Select either Slot 5 for Boys or Slot 6 for Girls.

Upload the meet events to the console slot.

10. Print Lane/Timer Sheets

Select Reports Customized Reports Penn Del Timer Sheets.

11. Print Programs

Select Reports Customized Reports Penn Del Program. Referee has determined that the coaches have agreed to combined reports print:

  • 1 for each Official.
  • 3 for each Team
  • 1 for the Console Operator.
  • 1 for the Announcer.
  • 2 for the Snack Bar.
  • 1 for the Gallery.

Referee has determined that the coaches have NOT agreed to combined reports print:

  • 1 combined report for each Official.
  • 1 Team only report for each Team

12. Print the Place Judge Sheets

13. Run the Meet

On 25 yard events check the times for a greater than .30 sec. differential.

14. End of Meet Reports

  • Rerun Exception Report for Swims greater than 3.
  • Rerun Relay Name Exceptions.
  • Rerun Age/Sex Exceptions.

Print one copy for the paper trail. If there are any exceptions the Meet Referee should enforce the league rules. The Referee should sign the Meet Results & Workers Form. The copies of these papers should be retained with all the other paperwork for one year.

15. Opposing Team Take A Ways

Export Meet Results onto other Team's disk.

Give their Coach a copy of the signed Meet Results and Workers Sheet and a copy of the Penn Del Coaches Results Report..

Back the Meet Manager database up for Team Rep. The Team Rep will need a copy of the Meet results & workers form to e-file the results.

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