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Board Minutes
 PennDel Swimming : Board Minutes
Subject Article: Board Meeting - March 14, 2016
 Board Meeting - March 14, 2016
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Posted: August-10-2016 at 7:59am | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
Title: WebMaster
Group: Admin Group
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Penn-Del Board Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2016

C.T.O.: 6:35 P.M.

Present: Elliot Berton, Bob Heebner Jr., Mark Fisher, Tom Warrick, Bert Hewitt, Carl Sandoe, Rick Carson, Howard Halpern*, Fred Polaski*.               *=by phone.

Minutes: Jan. Board Minutes approved as amended.

Finance: Pat presented a financial report. Referee clinic fees were gone over. The current unreconciled checking balance is $35,212.34. Different line items in the budget were discussed. Splash fees for the past year and next season were discussed.  The "first pass" of the '16-17 budget was discussed line by line. The question was raised that 'how much money should be in the budget at the end of the season to provide seed money for the next season"? Charlie Hartley costs and expenses were discussed separately. Charlie Hartley awards costs were mentioned that this year was the 2nd year of a two year order, so awards will be an expense next year.  Pat was asked to prepare a report showing expenses and income by category. A suggestion was made to purchase Meet Manager 6.0 for every team. Other technology items were brought up for consideration and estimates of the cost will be brought to the next meeting. Entry fees, championship fees, and dues were all discussed as possible balance reduction items. Paying for an AO trainer to do classes was also mentioned.

Championships: Carl reported that we should try to spread the meets out more ( there were 4 on one weekend) would be better. The Jefferson meet has to go to three sessions next year due to the numbers making the two sessions too long.  Bert reported that 74% of the rostered swimmers participated in championships.  Some of the proposed adjustments for 2017 will be to require an experienced scorer, require an experienced AO, and to have pool versatility. Championship proposed dates need to be on the application. Entry dates and time needed from entry to the meet was also discussed. Limiting the number of Championship meets on any given weekend was discussed.

Distance Meet: Bob reported the meet ran very smoothly. Hopefully, next year, now that it is established, it will grow. He also wished to thank the Upper Bucks team, especially Jenn Woods, for all their help. 

Charlie Hartley: Elliot thanked Erik and Mark for putting together a great meet in a short time. Erik reported that he is still waiting on four teams to pay. The plan is to use Swarthmore College next year. The timeline was also discussed, along with possible dates.

Commissioners: Rick reported that meet verification was a relatively "clean" year.  Rick observed great inconsistency in timing resolutions and procedures for adjustment at dual meets. He proposed: 1. that both teams have an AO at the table; 2. If a coach has a problem with a time, he must go to his AO; 3. If a team does not have a referee or an AO for a meet, they should contact the other team first, then go the other League teams via the website or the P-D Board. A lengthy discussion was held with numerous suggestions on AO training. It was suggested that AO�s should attend a mandatory League clinic on an annual basis, just like referee training morphed several years ago into what we have now.  A motion was passed to present a rule that AO�s must attend a League clinic on an annual basis. A second AO from the visiting team will also be required.

Awards: The bag tags cost $1917.14 Bert reported that he received very favorable feedback on the bag tags. The order for next year will be placed in the fall.

Calendar:. The Board considered possible dates for next year's Charlie Hartley meet and decided not to schedule Divisional Championship meets at the end of January. Teams should forward to Elliot their invitational dates when they are known.

Spring Meeting: It is tentatively scheduled for April 30 at Lionville.

Adjourned: 9:33 P.M.     Next Meeting: April 11    Loc. TBD 

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