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Board Minutes
 PennDel Swimming : Board Minutes
Subject Article: Board Meeting - October 2, 2015
 Board Meeting - October 2, 2015
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Posted: November-26-2015 at 5:34am | IP Logged
Author: Tom Warrick
Title: WebMaster
Group: Admin Group
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October 12, 2015 Penn Del Board Meeting Minutes

C. T.O.: 6:33 by President Berton

Present: Elliot Berton, Bob Heebner Jr., Carl Sandoe, Mark Fisher, Erik Nelson, Rick Carson, Tom Warrick, Pat Ryan, Howard Halpern*, Fred Polaski *,  * = by phone

Minutes: August Board Minutes were approved as presented.   September Board Minutes were approved as amended. 2015 Fall Meeting Minutes were approved as amended.

Financial: Pat reported that all teams´┐Ż dues & championship fees were paid. He reported that budget adjustments were made for the addition of Brandywine and the expense of the bag tags. The checking account currently has a $35,000.00 balance (prior to any expenses being paid).

Charlie Hartley: Erik discussed the scheduling difficulties with GCIT and suggested several possible substitutes and the attendant difficulties attached to each. As of now the meet is still scheduled for Feb. 20, 2016.

Scheduling: Erik reported that all warmup times are in and thanked Tom for the posting of all of them. Early warmups were discussed pertaining to the League rule. The Commissioners were asked to contact the teams who had early warmup times and verify coach approval.

Coach´┐Żs Rep.: The number of exhibition heats and the number of swimmers/roster numbers were discussed. It was decided that these issues were a coach´┐Żs decision and further discussion will be held. Meet Management and the pertinent rule was discussed.

Championships: Carl reported that the Championship dates and locations are now set. The tentative meet announcement was distributed and reviewed. Elliot clarified that the prosed Distance Meet on Feb. 28 is not a Penn Del Championship meet, but an invitational.

Awards:Discussion was tabled to next meeting.

Rules: Jenn suggested a change in the scoring Procedures Manual. The whole manual was reviewed and various items in it were discussed. It was suggested that a paper copy of the lineup accompany the flash drive when submitted to the scorer prior to the meet.

Championship Rules: Tabled at this time.

Scoring: The templates are completed and posted on the website. MM classes by Jenn are posted on the web and available to anyone. The cost is free.

Administrative Forms: Some League forms updating has been completed and posted, while some still need to be updated in the near future. Tom reported that Brandywine/ Delaware was added to the website contact list.

Adjourned: 8:27 P.M.                Next Mtg.: Nov. 9th             Loc.: TBA

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