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Meet Instructions and Procedures
 PennDel Swimming : Meet Instructions and Procedures
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Author: Tom Warrick
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Revised November 13, 2015

This procedure gives the instructions for scoring at League dual meets.


Before The Meet

1. The League meet templates for Meet Manager must be used for the meets and may not be modified. If the meet template is not used correctly and the Boys or Girls commissioner has to fix the meet file a fee will be charged for the work of the commissioners.

2. The visiting team must provide an electronic file of the meet to the Meet Manager operator thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled start of a League Meet. Each team must also provide a paper copy of their meet entries. Lane assignments for each swimmer should be included on the file. If lane assignments are not included, they may be arbitrarily assigned by the Scorers. If the file is not completed in full at the time they are submitted, they must be updated by using the formal line-up change procedure. After the each teams' initial files is imported into Meet Manager, a copy of each teams' entries must be printed out and kept with the meet paperwork.

3. Both the home team and the visiting team are still responsible for providing at least one (1) computer operator to run Meet Manager. One of the computer operators will have the responsibility to run the Meet Manager program and the second person monitors the computer operator and assists as required.

4. Before the meet the rosters should be downloaded from the League website and imported into Meet Manager. This is to allow reconciliation of all swimmers entered. It also makes it possible to easily enter rostered swimmers who were not previously entered in the meet. (Swimmers who are not rostered at least 8 days prior to the meet may not swim officially in the meet). Do NOT Seed the meet.

5. Line-up changes, including changes in lane assignments, must be written on Line-up Change Cards and given to the Scorer at least two (2) events in advance of the event being changed. For example, changes for Event #18 must be submitted before the start of Event #16. An event is considered to have started when the Referee blows his whistle to call the swimmers to the starting blocks. Changes for Events #1 and #2 (or the first two events following the scheduled "break" in the meet) may be made up to five (5) minutes before the scheduled start (or restart) of the Meet. The Scorer shall write the number of the "event in progress" on the Line-up Change Card when it is submitted in order to avoid any confusion as to when the change in the line-up was requested.

6. All score sheets and line-up changes require the first and last name of each participant. For relays, the order of swimmers must be designated on the meet entry. The lane timer heat sheets must include the name of the swimmers and the order in which they are swimming. The order of the swimmers may be changed by notifying the lane timer prior to the start of the race. After the referee signals the long whistle for the start of the race, no changes may be made.

7. In the event that a team has two or more swimmers with the same first and last name, regardless of their age group(s), the swimmers must be differentiated. Failure to identify these swimmers accurately will result in the offending team forfeiting all points earned by the swimmers, along with the adjustment of places and age group(s) scores as appropriate.

8. The Home Team always swims in the EVEN numbered lanes and the Visiting Team in the ODD numbered lanes unless the coaches agree to different lane assignments for the exhibition heats only.

9. Before the meet and after the teams entries have been imported into Meet Manager and the changes completed, run the four Meet Manager exception reports, print any resulting reports and notify the referee of the results.

During The Meet

10. The event scoring in Dual Meets SHALL be: Relays, 7-0; Individual events, 5-3-1. Only the top two finishers for each Team can score in an individual event. If the swimmers from one Team finish in the top three places in an individual event, that Team SHALL score eight (8) points; the opposing Team SHALL score one (1) point providing the opposing Team has a swimmer who has completed the race without being disqualified.

11. A Coach may, at any time, request the running score, official event times, or order of finish, from Admin Official or the meet manger operator. No other person may request for any administrative information. Provided that both coaches agree, the running score may be included on the posted results.

12. If the meet is being timed using Automatic or Semi-Automatic timing system, any timing discrepancies greater than 0.30 seconds must be resolved by the Admin Official to determine the official time and order of finish in accordance with the USA Swimming Rulebook.

13. If the meet or an event is being manually timed using stop watches, all of the watch times must be entered into Meet Manager. Either the two or three watch times must be entered. Meet Manager will do the official time calculation. See Addendum 2 for instruction on how to determine the order of finish when not using an automatic or semi-automatic system to determine order of finish.

14. All referee approved disqualifications must be recorded by the Meet Manager operator. The reason for the disqualification must be indicated by using the DQ codes used in Meet Manager.

15. The DQ's must be entered into the Meet Manager file. The info on the DQ must be checked for accuracy and completeness. The following info must be checked; the event number, the heat number, the lane number, the swimmer's name, infraction , the judge�s name and the referee's name. The infraction list must be checked to make sure it is for the event swam.

16. After each event is completed and scored, the results should be printed and kept at the table. The results should include the running score.

After The Meet

17. After the meet the Meet Manager exception reports should be run and the results reported to the referee.

18. In League Dual Meets, the winner SHALL be determined by Age Group scores. In each Age Group, the Team with the higher point score will receive one (1) team point. In the event of a tie within an age group, each team will receive one-half (1/2) team point. The Team with the most Team Points at the conclusion of the League Meet is the winner. If the Team Points are tied, then the Team with the higher cumulative Total Point in all Age Groups is the winner.

19. All League Meet paperwork, including all of the League Forms, the Referee's program and the Starter's program, must be retained by the Home Team until the end of the swim season and for an indefinite time if so requested by the Commissioners.

20. At the completion of each League Meet, one printout of the meet results and age group scores will be provided to each coach. The home team will keep a copy of the results with all of the paperwork.

21. The results of Inter-divisional meet must be handled the same way as listed in items 17 and 18. Failure to comply fully and promptly with this requirement will result in the imposition of a fine.

22. League Meet files with results must be posted to the website by noon on the Sunday after the meet.  The electronic meet results must use the Team name and abbreviation listed on the Penn Del League website. The Dual Meet Results and Meet Workers List will be kept by the home teams. The home team will complete the online version of the form on the League Website. Failure to use the correct name and abbreviation will result in a minimum fine of $25.00.


If a fully automatic or semi-automatic timing system is used and is operating properly, the Order of Finish determined by the system SHALL be Official. NOTE: When automatic timing systems are used, it is required that two place judges and at least two timers per lane be used as back up.

If an automatic timing system is not employed and the Order of Finish differs between the two Place Judges, then the Modified Ballot System must be used to determine the Order of Finish of the event. When balloting, all lanes must be included in the ballot. Modified ballot shall be as taught in the Level I, Level II and Administrative Officials classes.


The order of finish must be determined by one of the following three methods: Automatic timing system, semi-automatic timing system, or modified ballot using manual watches and place judges. Automatic timing is the preferred method for determining the order of finish. If automatic timing is not available, semi-automatic timing with a minimum of two (2) push buttons must be used. If neither automatic timing nor semi-automatic timing is available, then the modified ballot using manual watches and place judges must be used.

A. When automatic timing is used to determine the order of finish, a minimum of one (1) backup push button must be used per lane. There also must be a minimum of two (2) timers per lane and 2 place judges, one on each side of the pool. The order of finish must be based on times from the touch pads. If there is a malfunction of the automatic timing system, the Administrative Official shall perform timing resolution per the USA Swimming rules.

B. When semi-automatic timing is used to determine the order of finish, the system must have a minimum of two (2) push buttons. The average time of the two buttons must be used to determine the time for each lane. Times must determine the order of finish. There also must be a minimum of two (2) timers per lane and two (2) place judges, one on each side of the pool. If there is a malfunction of the semi-automatic timing system, the Administrative Official shall perform timing resolution per the USA Swimming rules.

C. When a modified ballot based on manual timing and place judges is used to determine the order of finish, there must be two (2) timers per lane and two (2) place judges, one on each side.


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