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   Nazareth Easton YMCA Swimming | More Info:
Submitted By Ddrake | Added on: August-26-2017 | Total Visits: 744
Nazareth Easton YMCA Swimming: new website.

   Ridley Area YMCA Swimming | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: September-02-2005 | Total Visits: 4199
The Ridley Area YMCA (RAYS) competitive swimming team has become one of the premier programs in the entire area. Since its inception in 1994, the team has grown steadily and has made its mark at many levels of swimming. In 2003-2004, the RAYS sent its 7th straight team to the Short Course YMCA National Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

   Hatboro Area YMCA Swim Team | More Info:
Submitted By pmr001 | Added on: August-06-2005 | Total Visits: 3461
The Hatboro Area YMCA "Hurricane" Swim Team is a year round competitive swim program that balances the goals of beginner and serious athletes alike, with an environment that develops character virtues of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility.

HATY Swimming adheres to the Principles and Philosophies of the YMCA of the USA, by encouraging broad participation, by all age groups, in YMCA competitive swimming and does not just fine-tune the elite athlete. We promote the teaching of fundamental skills; encouraging lifetime involvement in physical activity; and strengthening the values of fitness, health, self-respect, respect for others and strive to develop character virtues in individuals at all skill levels.

Our competitive swim program offers an excellent variety of competition suitable for all skill levels - including Dual Meets, Invitational Meets, Divisional Championships, League Championships, District Championships, State and National Level Championships.

HATY Swimming is a participating member of USA Swimming.

We want to help every swimmer reach their own personal potential, and to feel a sense of accomplishment along the way.

Not every child will be a star and excel in all events or collect a trophy case full of hardware. Every child, however, is urged to set personal goals early in the season and to strive to reach those goals to improve in their own abilities.

And of course, every child is encouraged to have fun and to enjoy the excitement and camaraderie of being on a team.

Competitive swimming offers an exciting and valuable experience in a young person's life. These experiences can be learned and enjoyed by those of limited experience as well as those with Olympic potential. As a sport, swimming's value goes far beyond that of just learning skills in the water and racing.

We pursue excellence in competitive swimming, seeking to maximize the potential of each individual in the program. We try to provide a challenging and stimulating team atmosphere where everyone can benefit. Our swimmers develop skills in goal setting and enjoy the thrill of achieving personal and team victories.

We seek to promote good health and physical wellness and qualities such as loyalty, honesty, and fair play

In the Fall and Spring, the Hatboro Hurricanes conducts Swim Clinics to review stroke, starts, finishes and turning techniques in order to improve and condition swimmers for the Winter and Summer competitive seasons.

HATY Swimming competes in the Penn-Del Swim League, comprised of YMCAs throughout the eastern region of Pennsylvania and portions of Delaware during the winter short course competitive season, which starts in September and runs through mid April (for those who qualify for YMCA Nationals held in Ft Lauderdale, FL).   We also compete in USA Swim meets during this same period of time.

The Hatboro Hurricanes compete in the Lower Bucks Swim League, consisting of local area swim clubs throughout lower Bucks and Montgomery Counties, from mid June through early August.

During the summer long course competitive season, starting on May 01 and continuing through early August, we continue to offer YMCA and USA swim meets.

At the end of each season the entire Hurricane Swim Team swimmers, coaches, and parents get together for a team party to celebrate the accomplishment of the team throughout the season. Hopefully each swimmer takes away a feeling of satisfaction and pride in what they have accomplished both as individuals and as a team.

For more information, please contact Pat Ryan at

   Western PA YMCA Swim League | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: February-12-2005 | Total Visits: 3714
We are a league of competitive YMCA swim teams in Western Pennsylvania. The purpose of the league is to promote swimming competition and the values of the YMCA. The league meets twice a year to review league membership, league rules and to determine the meet schedule.

   Central Penn Aquatics League | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: August-14-2004 | Total Visits: 4943
CPAL is a swimming league in central Pennsylvania consisting a YMCA clubs

   Reading YMCA | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: January-16-2004 | Total Visits: 3322
The YMCA of Reading and Berks County operates 5 branches:

Adamstown Branch, was formed October 20, 1955 and is proudly known as the “Biggest Little Y in the World”. This branch is the social, recreational and community center for the Adamstown area.

The Tri Valley Branch, headquartered at the Fleetwood Community Center, was originally known as the Kutztown YMCA and was founded in 1942. Tri Valley uses approximately 40 program sites to serve its seven school district territory.

The Youth Services Branch, located upstairs of the Reading Post Office, is an alternative high school for students throughout the county having difficulty in a traditional class room setting.

The Tamaqua Branch is another satellite operation which offers a variety of programs such as preschool education, aquatic classes and competitive swim programs and recreational activities for the residents of the Tamaqua Area School District.

The Central Branch, the grand old building on Reed and Washington Streets, hums with activity 24 hours a day, offering residential housing, health and fitness, 1ST and 2nd shift child care, community services, education and training, social, cultural, art, youth and teen programs. The Central Branch was nearly destroyed by fire on January 28, 1985 leaving the Y family devastated. Thanks to the support of the entire community, the YMCA Central Branch was rebuilt and remains a leader in the field of human services today.

   Upper Main Line YMCA | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: August-16-2003 | Total Visits: 3746
Upper Main Line YMCA swim team in Berwyn, PA

   WinSwim | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: July-01-2003 | Total Visits: 2218
Software for recreational swim leagues meets and team management.

   PHSSCA | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: March-23-2003 | Total Visits: 4116
Pennsylvania High School Swimming Coaches Association

   United States Masters | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: September-29-2002 | Total Visits: 1929
Welcome to United States Masters Swimming! We are swimming for life for all ages. USMS is a national organization of more than 42,000 members that provides organized workouts, competitions, clinics and workshops for adults aged 18 and over.

   Delaware Valley Masters | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: September-29-2002 | Total Visits: 2299
Welcome to the Delaware Valley Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC) web site! Our members range from elite world class record holders to dedicated open water swimmers to fitness swimmers to committed competitors and any combination and range in between. What we have in common is that we all love to swim.

   Valley Forge Masters | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: September-29-2002 | Total Visits: 1654
The Valley Forge Masters Swim Team was formed in 1985 to compete in local and national swim meets. The swimming abilities of our members runs from former Division I Collegiate swimmers to recreational lap swimmers. There are also a number of triathletes who choose to train with us, so there is always a lane to accommodate any ability.

   Toad Hollow | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: September-29-2002 | Total Visits: 2096
The supplier of swimming apparel to the UMLY Swim Team. Located on Lancaster Avenue, Berwyn, PA

   NCAA | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: September-29-2002 | Total Visits: 1548
Information about NCAA Swimming

   CollegeNet | More Info:
Submitted By administrator | Added on: September-29-2002 | Total Visits: 1765
CollegeNET, Inc. is the world's leading 'virtual plumber' for higher education internet transactions. We aggregate here for your convenience over 1500 customized Internet admissions applications built for college and university programs.

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